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Author Topic:   Okay to all Creationist: Here's some things for you to consider
Brad McFall
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08-14-2002 12:38 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by acmhttu01_2006
08-09-2002 9:45 PM

While my posts may have seemed to others like, refute this, I think this stems from a misuderstanding on how I actually do think in biology that can go to conclude by the end of the sentence for the positions of creation or evolution in an epistemology of time that I may purposely not spell out or attempt so subscription to but may actually hinder me from resonding to the terms as you have them periodialized for I differ from B. Russel in that I think to the geometry of my attention NOT by logic from geodesics thus I would rather read Derrida than that place in Russel's thought where he says all else is "words" because I do, like Mayr, want to find that biology has its own reputable science dept when I go to bed and have breakfast thus for what you mean by brining in "emprics" could be the same problem I have with Mr. Rusell from not feeling compelled to his deductions logical enough between physics and perception but I do percieve that Quine was less accurate to do away with the plurivocal use of word "order" that Ruseel may have mistranslated but is logically clear for whatever in Whitehead he may have been inclined to disagree with the terms of which for me made me at once THINK of Pascal for whatever pretending Derrida may do to answer this question as I remark on the preliminaries to respond to your cut n paste I understand.

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