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Author Topic:   Best evidence for Creation
Blue Jay
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07-30-2008 1:58 PM
Reply to: Message 32 by ICANT
07-30-2008 1:23 PM

Re: Ape philosophy?
ICANT writes:
The definition of God is I AM.
No, that's his name, not his definition.
ICANT writes:
That is everything that exists.
Does this mean that you and I are literally part of God? I disagree with you.
Still, if God is everything that exists, that means He exists, and existence has been asserted by Lucy to be evidence of having been created. Therefore, you are still stuck with:
God exists
"exists" = "created"
thus, God was created.
ICANT writes:
Who/What created/formed the speck/smear/point or whatever you want to call it that expanded into our present universe?
The Great Green Arkleseizure sneezed it into existence when the Flying Spaghetti Monster (drunk as usual, and highly susceptible to the prank suggestions from the Invisible Pink Unicorn on His shoulder) doused His Noodly Self with pepper before the Pre-Cosmic Cocktail Party last Wednesday night.
Why do you keep assuming that somebody or something has to have created or formed it? It's exactly the same as what Jamison and LucyTheApe have already said (that the creation is self-evident), except that you've now turned it into a question that you expect Bluegenes to answer.
ICANT writes:
That is the best answers Science can put forth for the existence of our universe.
If you wanted to be honest, you'd also say it's the best you can put forth, too. But, instead, you chose to just accept one of the many unproven and untested explanations because you felt good about it. And, instead of answering what evidence you think best supports your idea, you turn it around and demand what evidence supports your opponent's idea.
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