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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   The Scientific Method For Beginners
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08-24-2009 7:07 AM
Reply to: Message 40 by Arphy
08-24-2009 5:46 AM

Re: Creationists Versus The Scientific Method
Arphy writes:
Evolutionists can't get their story straight!
Heh, that's rich.
from reading on this website and other discussions there are many varying views on precisely how everything happened including the beginning of life, beginning (or lack of beginning) of the universe, just to name some of the most obvious!
All of those have nothing to do with evolution. So I'd say evolutionists have a very consistent stance on them, namely, none at all.
A YEC can get their basic overall structure straight because it's written down for everyone to see, and has been on paper for thousands of years!
Yet they muck it up so terribly that it differs from creo to creo.
Evolutionists can't get their story straight.
It could, but that would be a lie.
This is, of course, because they know what they need to deny (i.e.God)---
Except of course, they don't need to deny god. On this forum there are enpough that believe in a god, and still say evoltuion is correct. Including the site's owner/head admin, Percy.
but knowing that they need to deny the facts of biology gives them no clue as to what they should claim to be true.
Evolution denying the facts of biology? That's rich.

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