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Author Topic:   What got into Hoyle?
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05-03-2007 2:07 AM
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05-02-2007 12:47 PM

Re: The Reasons....
Then I guess I'm not familiar with this. Can you expound on this, perhaps by providing some of his works, where we can compare and contrast older works from the new?
If you can get to a university library, nj, a good start would be the famous B2FH paper (the "H" is for Hoyle) titled "Synthesis of Elements in Stars" in Reviews of Moden Physics,29,547(1957). In this Hoyle and his co-authors explain where all those elements were formed and why they appear in the abundance that they do. Its amazing stuff but pretty difficult for the layman. Even though there was much of it that I could not fully understand - I am an engineer after all - I could recognise the power of the paper's argument and would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject of the title. I doubt there is a later paper to compare and contrast it with, as Hoyle's contentious work was in different fields.
Chris Smith

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