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Author Topic:   Creationist/ID Education should be allowed
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12-06-2006 9:57 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by platypus
12-05-2006 6:05 PM

Anyone have major objections to a high school biology curriculum that involves and only involves natural selection, mutations, and speciation (with no mention of God or origin of species)?

I have no major objection - but I think skipping natural history would be a shame. It only defers learning it further down the education chain.

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 Message 1 by platypus, posted 12-05-2006 6:05 PM platypus has taken no action

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12-08-2006 8:29 AM
Reply to: Message 15 by EraqiDberg
12-08-2006 8:03 AM

less dice
This is called irreducible complexity.

Actually it isn't. Irreducible complexity is something else entirely. Irreducible complexity is a prediction of the theory of evolution and was made in the early 20th Century:

Muller 1918 pp. 463-464 writes:

"... thus a complicated machine was gradually built up whose
effective working was dependent upon the interlocking action of
very numerous different elementary parts or factors, and many of
the characters and factors which, when new, were originally
merely an asset finally became necessary
because other necessary
characters and factors had subsequently become changed so as to
be dependent on the former. It must result, in consequence, that
a dropping out of, or even a slight change in any one of these
parts is very likely to disturb fatally the whole machinery; for
this reason we should expect very many, if not most, mutations to
result in lethal factors ..."

(emphasis in the original)

What evolved first, the animals eyes to see the prey, teeth to chew the prey, stomach to digest the prey, ect.?

The eyes.

Darwin's theory was inspired before he realized how complex cells are. It is outdated and should not be taught in school.

Agreed. We should teach the modern theory of evolution instead.

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 Message 15 by EraqiDberg, posted 12-08-2006 8:03 AM EraqiDberg has taken no action

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