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Author Topic:   A Guide to Creationist Tactics
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12-31-2006 8:35 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by jar
11-17-2006 11:35 AM

One of my favorites
One creationist tactic that I see over and over again on EvC that chaps my ass is the repeated cut & paste from other creo sources. The simplest form is literally cutting and pasting from a creationist website and claiming it your own. Oftentimes this includes the refs as well. A google search of a sentence or two of these posts more often then not turns up a match.
More sophisticated plagirists rewrite the info before regurgitating it. These are often revealed by their citing a ref that has a mistake, such as a mispelling of the author's name or pages that are wrong for the cite. One recent example cited page 50-51, when the actual page was 150-150. Innocent enough except I found multiple creo webpages with the 50-51 cite which indicatd that the poster was just copying what they read rather than looking at the original citation.
As I have stated many times before, if any of my students did this I would fail them without hesitation. Obviously many creationists hold themselves above the 8th commandment (and probably the 9th as well) when they take the words and thoughts of other creos and claim them as their own. Freakin' hypocrites!

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02-06-2007 4:22 PM

Here is one I just ran across....
An anonymous student (I assume) subscribed me to to the Good News newsletter, presumably to save my soul or to annoy me. Luckily I love reading this kind of material! This isn't directly creationist, but is representative of a tactic I have encountered before.
Well the Jan-Feb issue has a article in their "God, Science, and the Bible" section about the recent discovery of Philistine temples in Israel that confirm the story of Samson (or at least demonstrate it is an accurate desciption of such temples). I have no issue with biblical archaeology, in fact it is an interesting area.
However, the flaw they use here is to claim a 'recent' (1974??!!) discovery proved scoffers wrong. Apparently scoffers proved that Samson was a myth because no Middle Eastern temples used columns. This 'recent' discovery of two Philistine temples with columns.
Now, where are the scoffers who claimed this? Would a historian have to rely on presumed architectural design to disbelieve a story about a man with magic super-strength in his hair? It is the same argument that claims that historians doubted the Noah story because it predated ship-building, but the discovery of ancient ships proved Noah right.
Anyhow, it is an argument of supreme misdirection. In the creationist realm I remember Hovind claiming that a scientific prediction of creationism is fossils buried in multiple layers (as a similar argument to above). The implication is that evolution would not predict this so the 'subsequent' discovery of such layers is a fatal flaw to the theory.

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