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Author Topic:   Why Only Creationism So Politicized?
Atapuercan Zusayan 
Inactive Member

Message 41 of 155 (70058)
11-30-2003 11:13 AM

"Has anyone ever tried to find out why it is only creationism that is so grossly politicized?
Most other pseudosciences are not nearly as politicized."
- but darwinism is politicized.
One does not see astrologers demanding equal time for astrology in astronomy classes, despite the fact that large numbers of people seem to believe in astrology.
And one does not see supporters of various "alternative" medical therapes demanding equal time for their therapies and theories in class presentations on medicine.
- You do not see. We do. Its called Holistic medicine.
Scientologists are not big on demanding that discussions of psychiatry give equal time to Scientology, for example.
- But psychiatry allready covers brainwashing, so there is no need.
It must be noted that the Christian Scientists are an exception;... Christian Scientists have been known to put air conditioners in their churches.
- Scary isnt it.
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Darwinism is not science, it is political well as us Zusayan folk know it, Philosohpy. Philosophical dialectic-materialism turned dogmatic and as ever unscientific and anti-scientific.
Unlike creationalism which much science supports so it should be recognised by the non-Zusayan barberians.

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Atapuercan Zusayan 
Inactive Member

Message 43 of 155 (70092)
11-30-2003 4:11 PM

11-30-2003 11:13 AM was not ment to be understood as the age of the earth. Honest.
There is no right answer to the age of the earth as it is a darwinian-inspired imposition with no scientific basis.
4600 million - Another presumption by the philosophers of the badlands.
Oinkus Erectus

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Atapuercan Zusayan 
Inactive Member

Message 45 of 155 (70106)
11-30-2003 5:39 PM

Like wise.
So my little badlander, how then can the age of the earth be right - and what is right by your measurement?
Care to elaborate or did I?

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 Message 46 by Adminnemooseus, posted 11-30-2003 7:03 PM Atapuercan Zusayan has not replied

Atapuercan Zusayan 
Inactive Member

Message 153 of 155 (89391)
02-29-2004 9:01 AM
Reply to: Message 124 by NosyNed
12-15-2003 2:05 AM

Re: Back Up
likewise with you lot badlander.

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 Message 124 by NosyNed, posted 12-15-2003 2:05 AM NosyNed has not replied

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