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Author Topic:   Why Only Creationism So Politicized?
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Message 11 of 155 (38602)
05-01-2003 12:15 PM
Reply to: Message 8 by crashfrog
05-01-2003 3:42 AM

Hi Crash,

The weird part about all this is that technically, the Theory of Evolution isn't really about the origin of life, only its development.

True. And yet for myself and millions of others we are not content with just that. I had to know much more about life, and this Theory alone could offer very little with regards to the big picture as I needed it. My research showed that the TOE does not provide overpowering evidence for this development, in and of itself, nor, and most importantly, does it provide any evidence for, or even seriously address, the Origins of life. Therefore as a Theory it was unable to convince me of its claims. Science has shown that as investigation gets smaller and deeper, it is also showing that the systems of life are Enormously complex, with many of the profession claiming irreducible complexity within many of those systems, which is of course an impossiblilty in all Darwinisms.

When I personally attempt to view the TOE as fact, and then carry its philosophy with me in the direction of the Origins of Life, I quickly come to realize that, without question, I would have to believe in Nilallism as well, to be able accept the TOE as my explanation to the development of life. Not only do I see very little convincing evidence for a belif in the TOE, I also see that it would be absurd to believe in Nilallism.

All journeys have a beginning and an end. The TOE's attempt to describe the development of life's journey from just outside the starting gate to now, has been valiant, but feeble at best, especially considering its lack of soundness and its reluctance to address the Origins questions. Science is marvelous and continues to show us the utter wonder and complexity of life and I appreciate it for that.

The fact that we exist is also proof of an Origin of some sort and some how. Thus the two camps will continue to try and explain these Origins, and the politicizing will continue.

Respectfully, Paul.

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