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Author Topic:   What's the problem with teaching ID?
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09-26-2007 4:24 PM
Reply to: Message 66 by pbee
09-26-2007 4:00 PM

Creationism In Schools
pbee writes:

Why would the big bang theory(unmeasurable by current scientific method) make it's way into school curriculum's whilst creation would not?

Actually there is evidence for a Big Bang such as background radiation and the consequence of mathematical reasoning. However I believe Big Bang theory is taught in schools as a speculative theory arising out of our current scientific understanding. I have not actually looked at any modern textbooks to see the manner it is presented, so I could be wrong.

However, your question as to why not creation - whose creation myth are we going to teach? Biblical, Hopi, Acoma, Navaho, Norse, Egyptian, Babylonian? they are all on equal footing as far as scientific support.

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