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Author Topic:   What's the problem with teaching ID?
Archer Opteryx
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Message 167 of 337 (431808)
11-02-2007 4:32 AM
Reply to: Message 166 by Beretta
11-02-2007 3:51 AM

Re: New member is confused

I know of loads of facts that defy evolution and confirm creation and they just don't come up in your average bio text.It's a logic and truth matter, not a conspiratorial motion.

Welcome to the arena, Beretta.

As this site is not an 'average bio text,' I look forward to your presentation here of the most paradigm-shifting facts you know. Feel free to start threads on any subject necessary to get all the data out there.

I recommend starting with the 'creation-confirming' data, since you agree that evolution denial does not add weight to other theories.

Taking Genesis as myth leaves the entire Bible open to personal interpretation.

Symbolic systems, such as myths, possess a logic of their own. You have been taught to fear metaphors by people who are not literate in them. You think of them as things that throw the lid off Pandora's box if you allow them in the door.

Not so. Anyway, I have some news for you. Are you sitting down?

The entire Bible is open to personal interpretation anyway.

This is true whether you take it as myth or not. Literalism offers no protection from this reality.


All species are transitional.

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 Message 166 by Beretta, posted 11-02-2007 3:51 AM Beretta has not yet responded

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