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Author Topic:   Bring science to the Bible (Bring science to the Church)
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05-18-2006 6:21 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by mastertrell
05-18-2006 2:25 PM

mastertrell writes:
If Christians are so eager to put their bible up to science as proof of their theory, then I say it is science's duty to go into the bible and prove and disprove anything it can.
Hey, I'm all for anything that calls the bible and religious beliefs into question, but it seems silly to me for scientists to waste time debunking biblical myths.
The bible deals with the supernatural. Science deals with the natural. Science can disprove biblical episodes and religious beliefs only on rational grounds. But the supernatural, by definition, defies rationality, so science is impotent to disprove any of it.

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 Message 1 by mastertrell, posted 05-18-2006 2:25 PM mastertrell has not replied

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05-18-2006 8:16 PM
Reply to: Message 17 by freelancer
05-18-2006 8:11 PM

catholics aren't christians?
That's the first time I've heard that. Can you prove that catholics aren't christians?

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 Message 26 by Coragyps, posted 05-18-2006 11:50 PM berberry has replied

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05-19-2006 9:20 AM
Reply to: Message 26 by Coragyps
05-18-2006 11:50 PM

Re: catholics aren't christians?
You don't hang around with enough Southern Baptists, Berberry.
Good god! How did I ever forget about them?
Well, to be sure I don't hang around with them; I avoid them like the plague. But they're all over the place here. However, they don't condemn catholics the way they used to. I suppose they think they need them to help spread more hate against gays, but for whatever reason they seem to be much more friendly toward them than they used to be. Look at the way they've gotten themselves so worked up over The Da Vinci Code, which - if it is to be regarded as an attack on anyone - is much more an attack on catholics than it is on evangelical fundies.
And yes this is off-topic, I agree. But I couldn't let that comment go without correcting myself, since so many of my posts on this forum have dealt with the predominance of southern baptists and other fundies here in Mississippi.

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 Message 26 by Coragyps, posted 05-18-2006 11:50 PM Coragyps has not replied

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