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Author Topic:   Which religion's creation story should be taught?
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06-16-2004 12:55 AM

I have yet to see real science support the belief of a religon besides the Bible. Creationists show how fossils, young earth, natural selection, complexity, flood evidence, dinasaurs, design, uniqueness of the Bible & Jesus etc are all consistent with the Bible. If there is Muslim or Hindu qualified scientist doing this also then they should have a right to teach scientific creation.

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07-04-2004 1:20 AM
Reply to: Message 18 by Steen
06-30-2004 1:43 AM

Actually, REAL science disagrees with much of the Bible, and certainly with the literal reading of Genesis 1.
Anyway, if you want scientific description of how we got here, then you would have to use science, rather than ANY religion. If you want to use religion, then you are not using science, and therefore it doesn't matter how scientifically aligned the stories are; the only thing that matters is whether they are religious or not.

Actually, no science disagrees with the Bible, only evolution which is a theory on how things have came to be through natural processes without a designer. Creation is the science of a religion, We can use real science to see if our Bible relates to the facts of reality and is consistent with the facts of reality.

Given that there are no qualigfied creationist scientists doing so either, your argument essentially is that creationists shouldn't be allowed to teach either. Hmm...

Ahh yes the old creationists are not scientist argument. Have a quick check of this link and then tell me there are no real scientist who believe in creation. Creationism has been pushed away from mainstream science as it deals with a designer. A bias has arisen since Darwin which is strictly naturalism. Therefore anything about a designer is considered supernatural and not science. This is a biasness, not a take on what science is and what science isnt.


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