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Author Topic:   Key points of Evolution
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04-22-2008 3:28 PM
Reply to: Message 8 by seekingthetruth
04-22-2008 2:58 PM

Welcome to EvC, seeking.

Therefore, I will limit my
responses to the statements made about the book.

The moderators on this board try to keep the threads focused on the topic of the opening post. I think that whether or not the theory of evolution is in conflict with Christian beliefs would be on topic. Questions about whether the theory of evolution is or is not accurate wouldn't be on topic, but since some of those questions might be interesting, I'm going to try to direct you to other threads.


Evolution states that "nothing" exploded billions and billions of years ago.

Big Bang doesn't say anything about an explosion. Here is a link to a thread to discuss problems with the Big Bang theory. (Added by edit: This thread might be a better venue for a discussion on Big Bang; it already has a bit of information that might be interesting.)


If evolution and science is all about proof, where
is it?

To be more precise, science is all about constructing explanatory theories for observed phenomena, and then testing those theories by looking for phenomena that the theory says we should observe but haven't yet.

My favorite evidence for the theory of evolution is the pattern of nested hierarchies that we see in taxonomy. We also have a thread to discuss that as well.


This thread is concerned with whether evolution conflicts with Christian beliefs. Not being a Christian myself, I'm not particularly interested in this. I do hope to see you in some of the science threads, though.

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Speaking personally, I find few things more awesome than contemplating this vast and majestic process of evolution, the ebb and flow of successive biotas through geological time. Creationists and others who cannot for ideological or religious reasons accept the fact of evolution miss out a great deal, and are left with a claustrophobic little universe in which nothing happens and nothing changes.
-- M. Alan Kazlev

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