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Author Topic:   Key points of Evolution
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03-04-2009 5:19 PM
Reply to: Message 317 by alaninnont
03-04-2009 4:09 PM

In simple terms, all things tend toward disorder. As I said in my previous post, the theory of evolution claims that in this situation, life became more and more ordered.

In order for evolution to function as almost all qualified biologists would have us believe, is it necessary that the net amount of entropy is constant or is reduced?

In other words, does evolution require work that is 100% or more efficient? Or, if we examine the system in its entirety do we find a lot of inefficiency?

(workable )
(energy flow) (energy+entropy)
SUN ---------------------->EARTH------------------------------>Space
WORK is done

As with any statement about thermodynamics, if you want to make a claim about it, could you also share your maths? Thanks.

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