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Author Topic:   This settles it.. Never moving down south..
Brad McFall
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Message 25 of 116 (18749)
10-01-2002 5:26 PM
Reply to: Message 24 by Mespo
10-01-2002 5:17 PM

Maxwell's difference of electic current and electromotive force in the host- virus heritability calculation showing that no VITAL force is needed to explain Crick's instance on Pauling's chemical bond for only strategic reasons to gain more than needed support for the truth value of DNA being Shrodinger's aperiodic crytsal. There could be another chemisty and Bohr new the physiologically but Einstein could not produce it mathmatically instead of telling the students the toxic side effect already was and went down to history of chem.

No mention of religion. Better understanding of inheritance. Vindication as a result of creationist days of our lives. The removal of the myth that a virus is anymore alive than the coal in the coal mine and getting down to the problem of toooooo many pariticles that block even transmission genetic processes. Genetic diseases etc.

Computer replication is dead and Viruses are not living but Crick and by Extension Provine were able to USE this line to silenece TRUTH in the classroom as well as the public forum. I survived the charge, legal, social and experimental and so can you.

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