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Author Topic:   An educational angle we all could live with? (Philosophy of Science)
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05-25-2005 10:10 PM
Reply to: Message 82 by Silent H
05-20-2005 6:13 AM

Re: The Full Biology Curriculum
After reading some studies of cognition in young children, I take back what I said about philosophy classes for children in public schools. They could handle it. All it takes now is someone passionate about philosophy to come up with a curriculum for the county I work in.

One note--you never know who will become the next great biologist, so if I can peak the interest of someone who had never taken an interest in biology before, then I feel that I have done a good job.

Also, if I were forced to teach ID along with evolution, the philosophical underpinnings of science would be an absolute necessity for the students to make a "fair and balanced decision" on which "theory" is more "appropriate"!

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