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Author Topic:   Embarrassed Creationist
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02-25-2005 3:06 AM
Reply to: Message 5 by coffee_addict
02-25-2005 2:50 AM

Hi,VC, at least you are willing to look at all sides. That`s a pretty good start.

Hi, Hector, why should atheists have trouble understanding a religious person being uncomfortable withe the TOE? After all, that`s where many atheists started, deep in the heart of religion.

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Member (Idle past 2985 days)
Posts: 1512
From: brisbane,australia
Joined: 06-08-2004

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02-25-2005 10:02 PM

The main difference as I see it is that science, or better, the scientific approach, gives you TOOLS to work with;- mathematics, computer modeling, physical evidence in most cases, gas laws, reproducible experiments, formulas to determine end products, instruments, volumes in all the languages of the world with identical information, peer review to expose any errors in submitted work, civilizations that operate from day to day on proven principles, medicine that works (mostly) and surgery that cures. The list of TOOLS goes on.

What does Faith offer in the way of tools?

•Prayer---which might or might not work. Failures are glossed over. How many do you think were praying during plagues, droughts, tsunamis? Why save a sinner and kill a god-fearing man?
•The Bible—in its many Versions, interpretations, antinomies, errors, corrections, omissions, changes to suit the religious groups in power?
•Feelings of exhilaration or peace or pleasure during or after church? Hell, (sorry), I get those from adrenalin or endorphins in action.
•Feelings of security or community within a group? I can get that from whatever non-religious community group I pick
•Knowledge that you are part of the only religious group that is correct? EVERY religious group, church, sect, splinter community think that they, and only they, are on the right path.
•Prophecy? Sort of an open-ended tool, wouldn`t you say?
•Study? What if you are studying the wrong Bible?
•Group discussions? In view of the wide interpretations, wouldn`t you say the blind are leading the blind?
•Internal presence? How do you discern the difference between your own mind`s workings and a supernatural visitor?
•Numbers? Then only the Roman Catholic Church is correct.
•Archaeology? A scientific discipline, btw. Most of the Bible remains to be proven by archaeology
•Wishful thinking? Hey, that could work.

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