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Author Topic:   Dover science teachers refuse to read ID disclaimer
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Message 33 of 164 (177610)
01-16-2005 6:07 PM
Reply to: Message 21 by xevolutionist
01-13-2005 3:52 PM

Re: Who writes this stuff?
Even if you offer panspermia as a solution to the ORIGIN of life, you just move the problem to another location don't you?
Once again, we are baffled over a creationist of some flavor or another claiming that abiogenesis somehow is evolution.

Now, I am not sure where that idea comes from, but given that this is the education forum, it does raise in interesting point. Given that creationists seems so extremely poorly educated about what the Scientific Theory of Evolution actually encompasses, I should think that this is good evidence that we need MORE education in evolution.

And xevolutionist, what exactly is the rationale behind your name? Because it doesn't seem that you learned what evolution is, to begin with. Can you give us your brief description of what you have learned that Evolution is? I think we need to look at how evolution has been taught to you, as your impression of evolution seems so far off as to never have been there, making your name seem improbable.

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04-06-2005 9:22 PM

Latest news from Dover. They are going to have a seminar on ID, and have invited Behe.


This is now enough of an issue in the area that the County paper (the above link) now have a specfic "Dover biology" section on their website. Rather interesting reading.

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Message 147 of 164 (275082)
01-02-2006 5:17 PM

Over the last couple of years, the "teaching the controversy" term has been cropping up

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