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Author Topic:   Why not teach problems with ToE in school?
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Message 115 of 136 (130870)
08-05-2004 10:22 PM
Reply to: Message 111 by Rrhain
07-31-2004 10:19 PM

You seem to think that if god is true, then evolution must be false. And yet, there is no reason to claim this. The official position of the Catholic church, for example, is that evolution is the only scientifically valid theory we have for explaining how life diversified on this planet. You're not calling the Pope an atheist, are you? I'm not saying you need to believe in Catholic theology. I am simply pointing out that the Pope believes in god and agrees with evolution

Seeing how Catholics believe in the Bible i would assume they can point to the verse that says In the beginning life evolved by me? Or is it just there own interpretation of the scriptures? Because ever since Genesis, the years have been literal. If you go to Luke 3:23, you will see the genealogy of Jesus which goes back all the way to Adam. I would like to know when do these people stop becoming real people? When do these people become a fairytale of how the universe has evolved over billions of yrs through apes and natural selection.

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Message 118 of 136 (130903)
08-06-2004 1:41 AM
Reply to: Message 116 by Yaro
08-05-2004 10:27 PM

The genealogy in Matthew is of Joseph bloodline. Whereas the genealogy of Luke is of Marys.

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Message 120 of 136 (130908)
08-06-2004 1:57 AM
Reply to: Message 117 by jar
08-05-2004 10:33 PM

If evolution is true then i would not be a christian today. Because if evolution is true then there is no god unless its for your own spiritual thirst. Evolution puts death, bloodshed and disease before the fall of man. What kind of god brings about a world according to darwinian laws. Survival of the fittest, death and bloodshed? Moreover, God called everything before the fall 'very good' not just good, but 'very good'. I would never worship a god that calls death and bloodshed very good. I worship a god that tells me he made a perfect world for us to live in harmony with him but mans sin has seperated that relationship. Jesus Christ came so that we could escape the judgement on sin and live again with the 'very good' new Jerusalem.

Churches and christians who are including a humanistic athiestic theory of man into Gods word are destroying Gods word. Without Genesis as true history of the world then christianity has no foundation for its faith. Sin = Genesis, Creation = Genesis, Marriage = Genesis, Clothing = Genesis. Without Genesis the Bible has no foundation and no absolute authority. And we all become Jars. New age philosophers. We are all god. All beliefs are beautiful. Mother Geisha is our saviour. Right Jar?

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Message 124 of 136 (130921)
08-06-2004 2:52 AM
Reply to: Message 123 by jar
08-06-2004 2:17 AM

So how do you explain that athiests, like the many in here believe evolution to the tee, yet are athiests. And then religious crazys who believe in evolution. A theory dealing with materialism and biological evolution through natural processes believe in God? Do you really think you can have it both ways? IMO the only one making sense is the athiest. Because at least his being consistent with his theory. Men like Dr Dawkins and humanists are all men taking the ToE consistently.

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 Message 123 by jar, posted 08-06-2004 2:17 AM jar has replied

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Message 135 of 136 (131516)
08-08-2004 2:23 AM
Reply to: Message 134 by Rrhain
08-07-2004 7:04 AM

The fact that the Bible does not say, "Life evolved," does not mean evolution is incompatible with the Bible. Genesis is fairly vague when it comes to discussing exactly how god did his creation. Who are you to say it couldn't possibly have been through evolution?

How do you explain that evolution evolves through death and survival of the fittest. Whereas the Bible says God made a world deemed 'very good' by god himself, ruined by sin. Not until the fall of man did the world have death and suffering. Evolution however uses death and bloodshed over millions of yrs, the unfit die, the fit genes go on. If this is the case then how are they compatible?

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 Message 134 by Rrhain, posted 08-07-2004 7:04 AM Rrhain has taken no action

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