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Author Topic:   Why not teach problems with ToE in school?
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07-19-2004 12:20 AM
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07-18-2004 3:02 AM

Re: Problems of evolution taught in school
I would agree with Ned on this one. I think that the unknown aspects of scientific theories should also be taught in schools. It gives the students something to think about and possibly, if so inclined, to work on as they learn more about the subject. What I do object to is misrepresenting the gaps in our knowledge as "problems" with the theory.

For example you say:

Some of the problems we've learned were about how mutations are generally harmful and that they never been known to add new information.

But if this was presented as a "problem" with the theory it indicates that the person teaching the class had a poor understanding of the theory. The fact that most mutations are harmful isn't a problem for the TOE, it is sufficient that there are mutations and that the ones which fit best with the environment are selected for. The fact that most mutations are in fact neutral isn’t a problem it is simply the way it is.

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