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Author Topic:   Why not teach problems with ToE in school?
pink sasquatch
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08-06-2004 8:02 PM
Reply to: Message 122 by DBlevins
08-06-2004 2:13 AM

Re: Problems of evolution taught in school
Wasn't there a lady in Africa (a prostitue I think) who was found to be immune to HIV and who has passed that immunity to her offspring...

Perhaps you are thinking of natural allelic variants in the CCR5 gene - CCR5 is used by HIV to interact with and infect cells.

Some CCR5 variants prevent infection all together, while others delay onset of AIDS or the extremity of AIDS. Other variants in CCR5 actually accelerate onset of AIDS.

Her body is able to rapidly adapt and provide immunity to the changes that the HIV virus mutates into.

Given what I know about HIV biology, a human "adapting" as fast as the virus is impossible - perhaps this statement is a misinterpretation or exaggeration by a non-science source...

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pink sasquatch
Member (Idle past 5338 days)
Posts: 1567
Joined: 06-10-2004

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08-06-2004 8:10 PM
Reply to: Message 105 by nator
07-31-2004 11:22 AM

Re: Problems of evolution taught in school
Second, a big beneficial mutation in humans is the partial to full immunity to HIV that some people conferred from their anscestors who survived the Bubonic Plague in Europe.

I've heard the plague - HIV immunity link is bogus, that an analogy or inference was made between the individual immunity to the two that got misconstrued.

Do you have a source for the claim? I just want to make sure bogus claims don't get thrown around, and would like to correct myself if I'm mistaken...

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 Message 105 by nator, posted 07-31-2004 11:22 AM nator has not replied

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