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Author Topic:   Evolution of Creationism
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10-16-2006 8:12 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Archer Opteryx
10-16-2006 7:45 PM

this is a dandy topic AO, i like it :)
What changes have you noticed in creationist beliefs, tactics, fads and fashions?

one of the big ones i see is the new hyper-evolution in "kinds" since the flood argument. or the flood layered the strata, denying how floods work argument

What further evolution of the creationist genome do you anticipate?

i see in the future if we continue to study the genome of animals and dna, a shift in how dna reflects gods design, though i'm not sure how conisidering how hard it is to get them to admit what they do now

Which mutation of the creationist genome do you think is best adapted for survival in the new environment?

the best one is a form of TE like jar has, it doesn't make god out to be an idiot or do things that are full of illogic

Which variant of creationism is least adapted for survival?

YEC and ID, YEC for being logically absurd and UD for lying to people about what it does

just to add to this, i would say the most interesting thing about creationism, is the claim that people 200-300 years ago share thier views
for example saying because kelvin or pascel or any naturalist is a creationist is a bogus statement. but they like to use this argument as if it holds some weight when infact none of those people would hold their views of god or reality. its a form of equivlation christian = creationist, when infact its not remotely the samething, because creationism is more than just a belief in god creating the world.

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