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Author Topic:   September 2006 Posts Of The Month
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09-04-2006 7:38 PM
Reply to: Message 4 by NosyNed
09-04-2006 5:42 PM

Re: Dwise1 for a nice packaging of resources
The Origin Story on that:
David Wise. Common computer network username convention is to prepend the first letter of the first name to the last name (reference the old Dilbert strip about "Brenda Utthead" complaining about her username), hence David Wise becomes "dwise". At my second programming position, we used the new MacIntoshes to do documentation pages combining text and graphics. They were floppy-based at the time, so we all had our own floppies (the neat new 3.5-inch ones, Star Trek TOS-style -- well, the only Star Trek at that time) that we labeled with our user names. When I progressed to my second floppy, they were labeled "dwise1" and "dwise2". Then one day, somebody looked at my floppies and laughed.

Years later when I signed up for AOL, I had to immediately come up with a unique screenname. All I could think of was that incident of my fellow-worker laughing at my floppy's label, so that's what I went with.

Now it's my monicker. No arrogance was ever intended by it.

And thank you for the nomination.

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Edited by dwise1, : No reason given.

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