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Author Topic:   December 2005, Posts of the Month
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12-21-2005 6:04 PM
Reply to: Message 41 by robinrohan
12-21-2005 5:37 PM

Re: The mediocre debate
robinrohan writes:

I appreciate that, although I don't know why anyone else would be interested in reading it other than the participants.

I appreciated it very much. I agree with nwr that it was informative to scientists for evaluation. It was informative reading for the layman like myself as well. Thanks to you both for doing it. :cool:

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The immeasurable present is forever consuming the eternal future and extending the infinite past. buzsaw

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12-31-2005 8:14 PM

Coffee House
Forum: Liberal Media Conspiracy
Message 6

On this last eve of 2005, brousing around the board I found this gem:

This profound little gem from our fond froggy friend, imo, is deserving of post of the year, 2005.

The EvC frog writes:

.......and the provisions of the Constitution make it very hard to defend ourselves from, essentially, ourselves.

WOW! Crashy, you hit the nail smack dad on the head. This potent little statement of yours gets to the bottom of sooo many of the legal problems that are facing this nation today, in that the Constitution of a nation of the people and by the people applies only as the people living in any given period of it's application interpret it.

Edit to change "this national Constitution" to "The Constitution."

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