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Author Topic:   December 2005, Posts of the Month
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Message 15 of 71 (266858)
12-08-2005 1:50 PM

Pink Sasquatch in that one monkey-man thread
Author: Pink Sasquatch
Forum: Human Origins
Thread: Smoking-Gun Evidence of Man-Monkey Kindred: Episode II... Tails
Message: 84

A gem of a post in a thread that's pretty well off-topic. Concise, informative, devastating to his opponent's position. The perfect post, in my opinion.

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 Message 16 by pink sasquatch, posted 12-08-2005 1:54 PM crashfrog has not yet responded
 Message 17 by Omnivorous, posted 12-08-2005 4:29 PM crashfrog has not yet responded

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