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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   What's the creationists thought on this?
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04-22-2003 5:05 PM
Reply to: Message 9 by booboocruise
04-22-2003 4:05 PM

Re: Kent Hovind
Well here's some criticism of Kent Hovind - from creationists.
Missing Link | Answers in Genesis
Here's an extract :
"When an attempted critique of this AiG article appeared on Kent Hovind’s Web site, AiG was somewhat surprised (and disappointed) to note that it frequently and significantly misrepresents and/or misunderstands the statements and positions made in our carefully researched document."
Here is what has to say about Hovinds offer - with an explanation of why it should be considered fraudulent
Kent Hovind's $250,000 Offer
Here is a letter from someone who tried for Hovinds challenge
Account Suspended
And another person who tried wrote this :

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