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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   What's the creationists thought on this?
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Message 20 of 136 (37746)
04-23-2003 8:09 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by booboocruise
04-23-2003 12:34 AM

Won't happen...
"For you creationists out there: do you think that the creation scientists listed above should form a creation movement (combine) and be more effective? I realize it's not likely, but that should at least be discussed."
... because there is not 100% agreement on many key issues. Also, that 'total agreement' won't ever be reached because there will always be unanswered questions / missing data (God planned it that way ) within the creationist community as well as within the Christian community.
Regardless, a 'combined front' wouldn't necessarily be a stronger / more effective delivery of the creationist message.
Remember, the important point is that these creationists that you listed all agree on the fundamentals of Christianity, in particular on the sovereignty of Jesus Christ and the truthfullness of Scripture. That's all that ultimately matters anyhow.
In Christ,

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