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Author Topic:   Accuracy and facts (Re: Dates and Dating of Christian Events)
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03-13-2004 1:29 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Boston
03-13-2004 11:56 AM

Hi Boston,

Welcome to the forum.


(is)there any evidence (documents etc...) dating to the date of "jesus's crucifixion". . .



When was the bible written?

Which bible? The earliest parts of the Hebrew bible (or TaNaKh)were likely written no earlier than the mid-8th or 7th century B.C. Many parts are post-exilic with additions and subsequent editing extending up to the 2nd century B.C.

The NT epistles (mostly Pauline) were likely penned in the 40's or 50's A.D. The gospels, beginning with Mark, were likely penned from the late 60's - mid 70's, Matthew and Luke likely 80's, and John perhaps late 90's or early 2nd century.


When was christianity created?

Christianity as basically interpreted today is primarily based on the writings of Paul. However, Pauline Christianity as the dominant "orthodox" religion was probably not achieved until the late 2nd century A.D.


What was the first "popular" religion?

Polytheistic nature religion.


What were the beliefs of early judaism?

That depends on when you first want to define it as "Judaism". Monotheistic Yahwism as the dominant paradigm may have emerged as late as the 7th century B.C.


How can "believers" refute the evidence of the existence of Homo habilis, Homo sapiens, Cro-Magnons and so on?

They can't. At least not credibly.

(Please include the idea of Adam and Eve if you can)

Who were Adam and Eve?



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