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Author Topic:   Is Radiometric Dating Really that Accurate?
Aryeh Shavit
Inactive Member

Message 34 of 114 (27828)
12-25-2002 3:44 AM
Reply to: Message 33 by Brad McFall
10-05-2002 2:55 PM

Hi all,

When I read YEC articles (and some posts here) about the radiometry, I canít help feeling I read another conspiracy theory.

Indeed, if the radiometry (which exists from the days of Rutherford) is that provably incorrect, then what, except from a worldwide conspiracy, can explain its wide usage?

I am a computer scientist and sometimes I notice a lot of stupid and baseless assumptions in my field, but there is little doubt that the majority of the computer scientists know what they are doing. I have no reason to assume that the situation is dramatically different in other sciences. Unless there is a worldwide conspiracy of the Satan-driven evolutionists against the Bible.

So I would like to ask those who claim the radiometry methods are incorrect, what is their explanation of the situation.

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 Message 33 by Brad McFall, posted 10-05-2002 2:55 PM Brad McFall has responded

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