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Author Topic:   Is Radiometric Dating Really that Accurate?
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04-14-2003 4:22 PM
Reply to: Message 62 by katareen
04-14-2003 3:51 PM

Qualified agreement
(This might be in the wrong place -- I guess an admin can move it)

I agree with you in spirit. That is that all of us on both sides should remain polite and reasonably respectful.

However, we are all human and some lapses might be acceptable if the provocation is enough. There are individuals who pop up, post junk without checking that it has already been discussed ( I lurked for a couple of months before posting) and then run off into cyberspace (booboo shows some characteristics of that kind). I find it hard to remain respectful of this kind of behaviour. But I agree with you that I should anyway. I will try.

Maybe there should be a separate thread (no, I think there definitely should be along the lines of the "post of the month") that picks examples of dubious posting behaviour and suggests a better approach to it.

Here's an example of a post I made today.

The original post was:
"The Ceolocanth was thought to be a fish that was part-dinosaur and was extinct for millions of years,"
My Response was:
"LOL LOL LOL LOL -- part dinosaur!!! "

I think this response qualifies as "sassy" and maybe "rude".

If I try to creatively construct a defense for it that might go like this:

The individual posting this needs to know when he has stepped over a line in a fashion that makes him look foolish. If I simply say something like:
"The coelocanth is in now way part dinosaur." It just doesn't convey that problem and he might not learn to be more careful of his facts.

truly desire for them to accept

I'm afraid that underlying my views on this is the pretty strong conviction that they are not going to do that. You say you are new to this forum. Watch how effective reasoned and even polite discussion is.

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 Message 62 by katareen, posted 04-14-2003 3:51 PM katareen has responded

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From: Canada
Joined: 04-04-2003
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04-14-2003 4:56 PM
Reply to: Message 64 by Mister Pamboli
04-14-2003 4:23 PM

New Discussion
Could we create a new thread to deal with "rudeness" I think it might be a useful historical reference for new members to understand how to behave (myself included )

I'm being lazy and can't quickly find out how to. Not sure if I'm allowed to as a "junior".

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 Message 64 by Mister Pamboli, posted 04-14-2003 4:23 PM Mister Pamboli has not yet responded

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