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Author Topic:   Radiometric Dating and the Geologic Column: A Critique
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Message 20 of 113 (166345)
12-08-2004 7:28 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by Anti-Climacus
12-08-2004 3:03 PM

Thank you for all of your posts. I want to make sure that I respond to everyone, so I may lag behind a bit in posting replies.
Good questions and criticisms all around.

Hi Anti C. I wish I were apprised enough on this stuff to jump in and help out, but it's outa my field. I have debated these folks for going on two years and often find myself in threads alone trying to keep up with numerous counterparts. Feel free to take your time and post as you are able so as not to be overwhelmed or burned out. The folks here are patient so long as you eventually get back to responding. Keep on keeping on, and may God bless you!

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 Message 15 by Anti-Climacus, posted 12-08-2004 3:03 PM Anti-Climacus has not replied

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