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Author Topic:   Validity of Radiometric Dating
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07-17-2014 7:14 PM

Not a biological evolution topic
I've off-topic bannered the last two messages, but there are more off-topic before that.
The topic is "Validity of Radiometric Dating".

Or something like that.

Posts: 3967
Joined: 09-26-2002

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07-17-2014 10:07 PM
Reply to: Message 104 by Dr Adequate
07-17-2014 9:57 PM

Source reference needed!
Sure, let's see what they have to say:
A large amount of nuclear decay...
There REALLY should be a reference given for that.
Forum rule 7:
Never include material not your own without attribution to the original source.
To all - Anytime anyone is using information from anywhere, be it a direct quote or in their own words, there probably should be a reference given. Of course, there may be practical limits in doing this, but people, how about trying?
No replies in this topic. You are welcome to do such at "The Whine List".
Added by edit- Dr. Adequate has ABE the following reference:
Humphreys, D.R.; S.A. Austin; J.R. Baumgardner and A.A. Snelling, 2003, "Helium Diffusion Rates Support Accelerated Nuclear Decay",Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Creationism, R. Ivey (ed.), Creation Science Fellowship, Pittsburgh, PA.
After some bumbling around, I found a no longer valid link at Talk Origins. But doing an advanced Google search of, I was able to find:
The Dr. Adequate quoted material is on page 3.
So, especially knowing that it was a thing, I was able to track it down. But it is the posters obligation to include the reference, not the readers job to track it down. And an online version is nice, preferably the original source and not some other source that quotes the material and gives a reference.
Anyway, I do thank Dr. A for the reference he gave.
Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Added by edit.

Or something like that.

This message is a reply to:
 Message 104 by Dr Adequate, posted 07-17-2014 9:57 PM Dr Adequate has not replied

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