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Author Topic:   Dinosaurs explained biblically
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Message 3 of 107 (16218)
08-29-2002 5:13 AM
Reply to: Message 2 by axial soliton
08-29-2002 2:29 AM

Originally posted by axial soliton:
Whenever religious fanatics come to my door, I always invite them in (over my wife's protests). One pair of Baptists was certain of the 6,000 year ago creation date. I asked them about the dinosaur bones in the Smithsonian museums down town. The corner they argued themselves into was that god created only the dinosaur bones and then he buried them for us to find. God never created any dinosaur flesh, only the bones. When I need a lift, sometimes I think of the Baptists and the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Hey, same story I got as a kid!!!


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Message 27 of 107 (21396)
11-02-2002 5:17 PM
Reply to: Message 26 by gene90
11-02-2002 5:09 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by gene90:
Neanderthals are not a human ancestor.



It is commonly believed that Neanderthals are our anscestors. This common belief seems to be wrong, though some scientist still debate it.

Neandarthals were inititally assumed by early researchers to be ancestral modern humans and that belief has never really died out, despite the evidence to the contrary.


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Message 37 of 107 (21417)
11-02-2002 6:21 PM
Reply to: Message 35 by NimLore
11-02-2002 5:47 PM

Originally posted by NimLore:
So I do not think the Ica Stones can be dismissed as of yet.

Then you have to provide positive evidence.

And the math of the ark says that 125,000 sheep sized creatures could fit into it.. yet we only have..what.. 18,000 or so identified land animals as of yet..

18,000? How did you come to this figure?

And please don't confuse 'named species' with 'total species'

Also, why are we restricting this to land animals?

And, lets not forget food, fresh-water, and waste disposal.

if any of the creatures that were born from an egg where brought on as eggs they would not need food,

Ever notice that not many eggs remain dormant for a whole year. Even if eggs were brought on board, they would hatch within a few weeks or so and then need to eat. That is, if they even hatched. Eggs need the appropriate environment or they die.

and if they were younger like babies than there food intake would be minimal as it is..

Most animals reach very close to maturity is a year.

If Moses could survive for 40 days and nights without food or water than the matter of food is a non issue Exodus 34:28, I guess that is the benefit of having faith.

Yes, you get to believe whatever you wish.

And there are many reasons to believe that dinos and man coexisted, cryptozoology...

No there aren't. There is no evidence whatsoever that dinosaurs and man coexisted.

Let me blow your mind for a moment.. Look at the verse in Revelation 12:9.... I believe that Satan could very well have been a dinsoaur... HAHAHA I can just imagine your thoughts now...

I feel that it is not my mind that is blown.

Add up the sciptures that allude to it... the reason that "Serpents" are the way they are today is because of a curse.. otherwise I would say dinos would be all over the place unless we killed them...


I most certainly am open to correction if it is due.. and if you think it is due, it does not mean it is true.. You see in my doctrine it states that if you do not believen Christ Jesus as having been on earth, and was crucified to death and than rose again three days later, than I can conclude that you have been deceived and so I do not put much merit in your arguments if you fall in that category..

Translation: Anyone who disagrees is wrong. So much for searching for caring about the truth.

{Fixed UBB code for one of the quotes, and debolded some of the text in the process - Adminnemooseus}

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 Message 35 by NimLore, posted 11-02-2002 5:47 PM NimLore has not yet responded

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