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Author Topic:   The Three Kinds of Creationists
Member (Idle past 708 days)
Posts: 1495
From: Framingham, MA, USA
Joined: 06-23-2003

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01-26-2004 1:58 PM

Designation: No Frills Fundie
Traits: Bad grammar and spelling. Inability to separate paragraphs. Almost comical lack of objectivity and self-consciousness. Posts two messages using brother’s computer and password, never registers.
Level of science education: Watched “Bill Nye the Science Guy” twice before selling TV for food.
Favorite word: Savior
First line of first post: “the fear of the lord is the begining of all wisdim”
Reaction to rebuttal: “thats just what i expect to hear from someone who killing the unborn”

Designation: Fundie 6.0
Traits: Techno-savvy presentation, with video-game avatar and MTV nickname. Prefers to be called a 'creation scientist.' Thinks he’s the first person who’s ever heard of Dr. Dino. Can link to any creationist website currently operating. Posts two dozen messages per day for two weeks, disappears.
Level of science education: Has to take biology over again during the summer.
Favorite word: Empirical
First line of first post: “Evolution is a theory. A theory in crisis.”
Reaction to rebuttal: “That’s just what I’d expect to hear from people who’ve never read Sarfati.”

Designation: The Deep Thinker
Traits: Run on sentences. Inability to decide whether evidence for species evolution is nonexistent or misinterpreted. Accusations of atheism and amorality toward anyone opposing him. Posts all his messages on the same day every month, claims to be extremely busy with his ‘research.’.
Level of science education: Excused from freshman biology because of allergy to formaldehyde. Has read everything by Phillip Johnson, still working on Darwin’s Black Box.
Favorite word: Paradigm
First line of first post: “The presumed evidence for the metaphysical research program of evolution, which may be explained equally well by the teleological hypothesis of Intelligent Design, consists of a data set that is meaningless outside the context of a philosophical mindset, is evidence of nothing more than atheistic bias masquerading as objective science, having no more validity than any other just-so story.”
Reaction to rebuttal: “That’s precisely what I would expect to hear from the brainwashed minions of the scientific politburo who oppose scientific progress who are covering up the bankruptcy of Darwinist dogma which scientists are abandoning by the droves.”

The dark nursery of evolution is very dark indeed.
Brad McFall

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