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Author Topic:   The Three Kinds of Creationists
Sid Williams
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03-29-2012 9:24 PM

4th Kind of Creationist/
An Atheist [fool] (Psalm 53.3) taught me about "The Parable of Creation."
1) Genesis 1.11: ... the earth [will] bring forth grass, the bush ..."
2) Genesis 2.4-5: This is the history of the heavens [always plural because of day (sun) and night (moon)] ... before any plant of the field was in the earth and before any bush of the field had grown ...
A) The fool (Atheist - Psalm 53.3) was hilarious at his discovery.
5) I was both burning with shame and hilarious -- because I had never noticed this.
6) The Fool (Atheist) let his mouth run away with him. stating, "This proves the Bible is full of errors -- and there is no God"; But the Creation was not dated. The Earth is falling apart, but this is an undated period after the Final Resurrection. Gen. 8.22.
God has always sent knowledge to Atheists, turned to Wisdom by servants of God.

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