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Author Topic:   Free Will and Biblical Prophecy: Are They Mutually Exclusive?
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01-17-2009 2:07 PM
Reply to: Message 20 by Stile
01-17-2009 10:20 AM

Re: God's Smart
Hi Stile,
If every outcome for every choice in your life is exactly what you want, and no one forces you into any alternative you don't approve of... how can you possibly say that you do not have Free Will?
Why cannot the definition of Free Will be:
"Having the ability to get exactly what you want from every situation presented to you."
The only problem is that even if you decided, it was still caused by an outside agent. Your actions are still deterministic so the causes lead up to the decision. Is that really free will?
Also, does a person who is obsessive, or an addict, or deranged have free will? How will their ability to react to situations be affected by their condition and in turn affect their sense of free will? They will NOT have the ability to get what they want from a situation so it violates your definition.
We make decisions based off of the considerations of what matters the most. If we are not capable of this due to some neuro condition or some other outside agent free will is gone. So, free will and the capability of the persons brain to function properly go hand-and-hand; you can't have free will without a properly functioning brain.
We feel "will" because we see a causal connection between thought and actions. So we say things like "my thoughts caused it", when really there's an underlying brain process that simultaneously causes our awareness of an intention and also the action, so we think there's a causal relationship when there isn't. This gives a false sense of "I" willed it when really it was just neuro functions causing the actions.

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