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Author Topic:   Free Will and Biblical Prophecy: Are They Mutually Exclusive?
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01-22-2009 3:37 PM

the path of homunculus
if life is divided up into choices that must be made and paths that take us into different situations, then we would be navigating our vessels from first person perspective. each person can see only what is just ahead on their path, the immediate obstacles and junctions. but a higher perspective (god) would be able to see the entire itinerary of paths and possible junctions. this would grant him the fore knowledge to see the destinations and know the best way to get there, despite the coming obstacles and inevitable onslaught. Jesus, physical vessel of the holy spirit or god, was bound by the law of the flesh. throughout his life and upon crucifixion he trusted upon the fore knowledge of the father god, and willfully went to the cross. in the realm of free will, Jesus chose to embrace the cross, the contrary was possible, but god is bound by the sanctity of his own word and own law. humans say one thing and do another, this is why we are human. god says one thing and does it, this is why he is god. he has the power to not do has he has said, but he is bound his own law, willfully. Jesus was entirely human, bearing the holy spirit. the holy spirit is why he is god, in the physical world.

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