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Author Topic:   Why is a Literal Ark Important?
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04-10-2009 7:29 AM
Reply to: Message 15 by Peg
04-10-2009 7:19 AM

Re: Point of Fact
Peg writes:

are they not related?


Of course they're related. All life is related to all other life. The question comes down to the closeness of the relationship. Were they different enough to require Noah to take 2 of each? This isn't a yes or no question. It's just the beginning of a discussion for what criteria Noah would have used, which is the point Bluescat was actually raising.

It's interesting that those married to a literal interpretation of the Bible will accept any argument as long as it allows them to maintain their literal interpretation. If evolution is required in order to produce the millions of species from the much smaller number of kinds represented on the ark, then evolution within kinds is just fine by them! But evolution between kinds? Impossible! Why? Well, I've been waiting for a scientific answer to that question for as long as I've been participating in this debate.


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