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Author Topic:   When Will The End-Times Be And How Will We Know?
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Message 22 of 668 (118175)
06-24-2004 4:35 AM
Reply to: Message 7 by Loudmouth
06-23-2004 5:49 PM

Re: no vagueness
Loudmouth writes:

Killed 25% of the European and Asian population.

Yep, and London was one of the hardest-hit cities.

The Iran-Contra scandal was being discussed in another thread not long ago. Think of how much time has passed since Ollie North lied to Congress; it isn't so much really. Well, in roughly that same length of time the city of London endured eleven years of one of the most brutal civil wars in history, lost nearly a third of her population to plague and, to top it off, suffered one of the worst fires in history, a conflagration that consumed fully 80% of the city. This final event took place in the year 1666, a year which ends in '666'. Was there ever in the history of Christianity a group of people with more cause to expect that Jesus was about to come back than the Londoners of 1666?

What is it about our time that is so special? Are things today worse than they were in London in 1666? Why do people think things are so bad now that Jesus just has to be coming back right away?

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 Message 7 by Loudmouth, posted 06-23-2004 5:49 PM Loudmouth has not yet responded

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