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Author Topic:   Sacrifice
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01-07-2009 3:52 PM
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01-07-2009 2:11 PM

Re: ..cont
Mmmm, no. Jesus was/is the son of the supreme majesty/god Jehovah, the one and only god of the universe sent to earth by his heavenly father, Jehovah whom he addressed as his god as he hung on the cross relative to the moments of being forsaken by God.
Jehovah, God, father of Jesus occupied the throne of Heaven as the sin offering for man's sins, i.e. Jesus was paying the sin death penalty upon the cross on earth.
How does this hold with the Trinity belief that "God" encompasses the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, meaning that Jesus is God?
Or do you not believe in the Trinity that way? It's hard to keep all of the particular beliefs of all denominations of Christianity down. I was raised in Congregtional/Prebyterian/Christian Reformed churches, but didn't have any real experience with all of the other thousands of Christian varieties. I know that many of them have differing views about things even so major as the Trinity.

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