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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Let us reason together.
Mike Holland
Member (Idle past 592 days)
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From: Sydney, NSW,Auistralia
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Message 14 of 152 (30752)
01-30-2003 4:31 PM

I am an Atheist. I have been since the age of 14.
I have never taken drugs. I have never committed any crime (except exceeding the speed limit). I enjoy a beer or glass of port, but have never been drunk. I am happily married and have never been unfaithful to my wife.
So why should I turn to Christianity to lead a good life? My Atheism has it all, and still permits me the freedom to think for myself.
All I am missing is the conviction that I have the ONE TRUTH and all others are in error and need saving.

Mike Holland
Member (Idle past 592 days)
Posts: 179
From: Sydney, NSW,Auistralia
Joined: 08-30-2002

Message 54 of 152 (32702)
02-19-2003 8:55 PM
Reply to: Message 53 by drummachine
02-19-2003 8:01 PM

Dear Drummachine,
All these glorious questions are exactly the questions that science has been trying to answer for centuries. And, on the whole, it has succeeded.
The most basic questions, such as why the universe exists, and why the laws of the universe should be as they are, have not yet been answered (and possibly never will be) because science must start with what we can observe here on earth, and slowly build up from the evidence. All sciences which deal with the past (astronomy, cosmology, evolution, geology, etc) have the problem that we cannot travel back in time to prove that the scientific scenarios are correct, but their theories are built on and consistent with what we observe in laboratories and in the world today.
Question 1: Where did the space for the universe come from?
Answer: it came from the singularity which expanded to form the universe.
Obviously, this answer explains nothing. It requires a course in relativity, cosmology, string theory, inflation etc to begin to make any sense.
But why should we answer your questions? Some of us could answer some of them 'off the cuff', but many would require extensive research to extract the required details, quotes and evidence. You can do the research yourself. But you would have to evaluate the evidence, and not just reject everything you read. You might learn something in the process.
All you give as an alternative is 'God did it'. But you provide no evidence for God, you do not say why he did it, or when. You only raise a hundred more questions. And then you start preaching at us.
Please just answer one question - 'why did God create the universe', and then provide some evidence for your answer.
This is a forum, not a pulpit. So please provide some arguments or evidence for discussion.

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