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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Let us reason together.
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Message 15 of 152 (30754)
01-30-2003 4:48 PM
Reply to: Message 12 by Karl
01-30-2003 5:38 AM

Very nice, Karl, especially from a Christian who "cannot think for himself."
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02-08-2003 2:56 PM
Reply to: Message 29 by drummachine
02-06-2003 9:17 PM

Hello drummachine,
A person can accept the tenets of evolutionary development and not reject God. Darwinism does not in any way attempt to explain away God; it simply tries to explain what is obsevable in the world around us.
It may tend to refute one particular idea about what God is, but that is hardly the same thing as rejecting God, even if it asks you to reject what you think about what God is.

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 Message 29 by drummachine, posted 02-06-2003 9:17 PM drummachine has not replied

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