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Author Topic:   We know there's a God because...
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02-27-2008 11:19 PM
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02-25-2008 9:10 PM

proof by observation
absence of God world: you live in a big part of that today. but the absence is a choice to not acknowledge God and proclaim "self". a man i met via my uncle, being close to the truth of God told me: the name of God is "me". which actually is what Satan believes, but the name of God is "we" (as relevant to itself)
the truth by observation:
the science of God is the science of existing. few take time from the distraction's of this step of existing, which is just a path to a door with one of two potentials. to be, or not to be.
the big bang and science of cosmology is also evidence, because T=0 is inevitable. the alternate dimensional theories have come from the lack of this current universe as we know it when T=0 is found mathematically. but black holes also are a science of T=0 and also a basis for dimensional theory.
explaining them both: true T=0 is inevitable. because as long as 2 things are, "before that" is a relevant question. to find true genesis, you must find true T=0. you can understand this by the science of the true "big bang". and the science of existing. both together you find the truth:
take a sheet of paper, label it "existence" and in the center draw a circle. the circle is the known universe. now shrink that circle to nothing. "existence" around it filled in the gap.
how is this possible? space folds. but it folds back into its foundation, which we call "existence" or "genesis energy" or "singularity" which is juts the universe in the original state,, a pure energy, with no outside energies, with a timeless make up, that just "was". the question to understand the truth of what that means about God is by asking: ordered? chaotic? intelligent? not intelligent?
the fold explained: could this energy have folded multiple times? yes. thats dimensional theory. so where is true T=0? from this point of view, it is impossible to discern. (so there's outside universe's?) not really. outside this point of view still mean inside the "existence" energy. here is the big bang:
at one time there was existence. and nothing was, but existence. and existence folded itself, and conserved some of its form in a new form of matter. the matter production created a vacuum, and also an "apparent" space in the body, and the area between the matter existed in the body, and is sustained by it, for without it, nothing can be. as the matter production grew, as with the "apparent space" the matter was pulled between several other parts by the vacuum and became other matter, and pulled directionally back towards itself , itself being the energy of the fold, but a barrier was made, that the energy could not return to its Genesis state unless the matter was to be disassembled. this dis-assembly happens when enough matter i in one spot, and the atoms cease to be matter, and then the barrier is gone, and the energy returns to the existence foundation. this return is normally called a "rip" or a "fold" in space time.
take a balloon, which exists in a body of air, and the balloon is expanded by pressure, blowing up the balloon, inside the balloon is pressure equal or greater than the body outside it. by changing pressure, the balloon changes size. a better analogy is filing the balloon with water, and then dropping the balloon in the body of water, the balloon will float in the body of water where the pressure is equal to it inside and out. when you change the water pressure and the balloon has no place to go, the balloon will either expand, or shrink, from the outside pressure.
explaining how we know this "existence" is God:
nothing exists nor could exist, until something WAS. the WAS is existence, the noun described to all things that have "being" and are "real". real, is to be a part of "reality" which is the description of what all things are that are a part of "existence".
the question of intelligence or not intelligence: T=0 is impossible. at some time., the "always was was in its original pure state (because evolution is evident) the question that would be greater is : why did it decide to evolve? i don't know. but it did, and we are evidence. if it had never evolved from a pure state, i could say it wasn't intelligent, or that it was chaos, and no order could be established, because the chaotic parts would break apart any order, and there would not be nothing ordered, but because order took its hold and conquered disorder, there is the evidence of intelligence. because order would not be maintained otherwise.
instead of growing only its own body though, with a mass that would not reject it, but with perfection, it then created messengers to maintain different aspects of its body. humans were created to be rulers over the earth, a part of the body, that existence loves deeply. (because of our freedom to choose having discovered the ability to deny God? [knowledge of good and evil])
by denying that God was, yet being a part of the body, this would be fine contained if not for the truth of the singularity: in a timeless state the always was made ALL by faith. (faith is action, based on belief, with NO DOUBT to the outcome. the consciousness is real, therefore any doubt is poison to faith, and if existence doubted, existence would cease to be.
after realizing this, i thought about the religions i had studied. and the bible held true to its laws and was in perfect harmony with these observations. even with space folding. and then did i know i had found the truth, not by believing past believers, but by believing science and observation and the truth of existing and reality as it can only be.
if you understand what i have said; then God be with you, because the evil will find you when you realize the truth. and it is dangerous.
God be with you always, and Gods will be done. so be it.

keep your mind from this way of enquiry, for never will you show that not-being is

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