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Author Topic:   Old Habits Die Hard (The "mark" on Cain)
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10-09-2003 1:21 AM
Reply to: Message 13 by doctrbill
07-28-2003 9:41 PM

I like what you have to say bill, i just want to comment on what you said concerning

"I am skeptical regarding the veracity of this tale considering how important it was for the Hebrew people to demonize the descendants of Canaan: The Canaanites. What better way to whip your troops into a killing frenzy than to tell them, "Your enemy's grandfather raped our great grandfather"?

I know I am not a Hebrew scholar, but Im pretty sure when God told Joshoua to take the promise land, he issued a "Herem",(which I was told is some kind of decree or commandment to wipe out everything having to do with the people, including its animals) against the people living in Canaan, and I think that would be enough of a reason to get your troops going. I get the feeling from lectures from one of my professors that the issuse of the Herem was critical when it comes to dealing with the people from the land of Canaan. Also, isnt most of the people groups that Joshoua (I'm not saying that Joshoua only fought Giant clans, but other kings and leaders of Israel and Judah at the time and through their history have incidences where they encounter Giants) told to attack Giants, or from Giant clans? I find it kind of interesting that it references some of the clans that are descendents of the Nephelim (gen 6:1-4).(also Numbers 13:32-33 gives some accounts of the clans who "make us seem like grasshoppers in their site") (if anyone has any comments having to do with the Nephelim, and what they might be, like if they are giants or what not, and how they get there after the flood, i would be greatly interested in hearing everyone's opnions and theories)

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