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Author Topic:   People - I /was/ a Christian
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09-10-2007 5:09 PM
Reply to: Message 5 by Chiroptera
09-10-2007 4:37 PM

Amen brothers!
Like you and Crash, I too was a full on born-again evangelical. When I realized how wrong I was it was also not some choice I made as an excuse to be sinful. It was a tragedy, and one I didn't see how I could overcome at the time. Even afterwards I continued to pray begging to be shown to be wrong. This is why I resent HEWG's (and others) suggestions otherwise. Unfortunately the message will undoubtedly fall on deaf ears. In my discussions with others on this the grand conclusion was that my experience and theirs were not the same. That is ultimately they are 'true Christians' and I never was. I think it is analogous to trying to explain to a teenager that their first breakup will eventually be unimportant to them!

"I have seen so far because I have stood on the bloated corpses of my competitors" - Dr Burgess Bowder

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