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Author Topic:   People - I /was/ a Christian
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09-13-2007 4:43 PM
Reply to: Message 184 by Hyroglyphx
09-13-2007 8:08 AM

Re: Biblical Fundamentalist

But I agree with Buzsaw here, that a fundamentalist Christian is someone who steadfastly promotes the gospel as it was presented.


We don't base Christianity on other Christians who are every bit as fallible as any other human being-- rather we base it on Christ alone who uncovers those faults. Indeed, I echo Paul's sentiments here when he said that if anyone brings to you another gospel other than the one presented to you by Yeshua, then let it be anathema.

The actual defining characteristics of Christian Fundamentalism as it is usually thought of, are an insistence on Biblical inerrancy and a strong preference for a literal interpretation of the Bible. Those aren't Jesus' teachings. So is Christian Fundamentalism really Christian by your standard ?

And in fact I find that Fundamentalists CAN'T even be trusted to accurately report what the Bible says. I find errors, strained and even impossible readings.

To give a recent example of a strained reading, take your idea that the Tribulation follows the "time of the Gentiles". THat isn't what Luke says, not if you compare Luke's account of the Olivet Discourse with Mark and Matthew's accounts. Luke is the only one to mention a "time of the Gentiles" and the only one who doesn't mention the Tribulation explicitly - but we can still find a reference to it. Luke 21:21-23 parallels Mark 13:14-17 and Matthew 24:17-19. There is the Tribulation in Luke - if it is anywhere.

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