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Author Topic:   What Is The Holy Spirit
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01-04-2006 3:04 AM
Reply to: Message 6 by Asgara
01-03-2006 11:18 PM

I don't explain the holy spirit. I haven't had any evidence that it exists.
Well, no evidence of it existing as an independent phenomena, however, many people construe experiences and sometimes events in their life by designating what they felt or surmised as the Holy Spirit. Other experiences could be similiarly construed as an unholy spirit, like soccer hooligans rioting or something.
So in this sense a non Christian could attempt explanations of the Holy Spirit by psychology, neurology, semantics etc.
I'm not suggesting you would want to explain the Holy Spirit just that you needn't believe in the orthodox or popular explanation of it in order to explain it.
I will venture that much of what is called the Holy Spirit is contexualized emotion that at times might even involve heightened or non ordinary conscousness, suggestibility, trances, and things like that.
People can get worked up in worship. I once watched a television program about a sect that handled rattlesnakes for example. In an interview someone discribed that white light and the feeling that hit them when they finally found the courage to pick up a venemous rattler. Sounded to me like they were hit by the maximum amount of adrenlin their bodies could secret. They were slammed with an adrenlin rush into a very altered state of consciousness.
One explanation for the Holy Spirit.
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