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Author Topic:   Who can be saved? A Christian perspective
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Message 287 of 466 (187237)
02-21-2005 2:46 PM
Reply to: Message 285 by wmscott
02-21-2005 8:31 AM

Re: Was there a day old baby in Sodom? It was Sodom.
wmscott bloviates:

Easy on the hatred Brain, so you really hate Christians. I can't blame you for hating the hypocritical ones, but you seem to hate all and God as well. Your hatred is blinding your mind to reasonable thought. Hatred such as yours is the seeds from which prejudice and intolerance grown, if allowed to grown in your heart and mind long enough, you will one day do terrible things. The thoughts of today, tend to be the actions of tomorrow. Is that the kind of person you wish to become? I would suggest you sit down and think things over, and try to get at least get a less intolerant view of things. People do reap what they sow, what people do, does tend to come back to them in time. So don't let yourself be consumed and twisted by the flames of hate.

This nonsense was posted in response to Brian's statement:

This is also a problem as to why God allowed Lot to survive. Surely this incestuous drunk would be counted as wicked and punished for his future deeds? If it is good enough for a baby to die before it commits wicked acts then it should be good enough for Lot.

Sounds to me like it was hatred of Lot and people who hold Lot in high esteem as a paragon of virtue (like the NT, which refers to this coward as "rightous"). You seem to be such a one.

Do you defend Lot for trying to pimp out his virgin daughters in the most egregious act of cowardice in all literature? Do you defend him for getting drunk and screwing those same daughters shortly after the untimely death of his wife? Do you believe he is "rightous"?

Answer the questions and leave out the dreck about hatred, k?

Keep America Safe AND Free!

This message is a reply to:
 Message 285 by wmscott, posted 02-21-2005 8:31 AM wmscott has not yet responded

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