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Author Topic:   Who can be saved? A Christian perspective
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01-11-2005 11:22 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by jar
09-11-2004 11:22 AM

Note: this post is in response of the OP but coloured by the whole thread which I have just read. And so picks up some colour in regard to the sub-thread on the meaning of Mathew 25. Nor is it a direct attack on anyone here, just simply a satement of my views

As an Atheist, to talk of salvation and entitlement to heaven, is a pointless topic as I don’t believe in God and don’t believe in life after death. (we are biological machines and so believing in a soul as something separate and unique to the Human animal, that floats of to paradise or damnation is as daft as saying a computer has a soul that survives that final hardware failure)

So from my point of view no one gets ‘saved’. Arguing that this group or that individual don’t get saved ‘cause they don’t subscribe to our views’ clearly doesn’t demonstrate the love and humility and care and tolerance demonstrated by Christ in the bible as the way to live and thus enter the kingdom of heaven.

As Jar says Mathew 25, makes no mention of faith or belief as a pre requisite for being saved. All is says that if, over your life you have demonstrated that you have the capacity to treat even the most vile wretch with a selfless love, compassion care and support as if this wretch was your own child or god himself, then this will be your saving grace.

If you cant. If you are lost in your dolour bills an notes, if you are caught up in a selfish self-serving life style ignores suffering and injustice, if you help other people out of a need of recognition or to prove your righteousness in some way, and not simply because you can, then Mathew 25 clearly stated you will have some explaining to do.

I don’t believe in an after-life so being 'saved' is not an issue. But that doesn’t stop me trying to live a good, moral life just because I don’t believe in a God who will spank me because I don’t do this or believe in that.

So go ahead and argue and jostle for position all you like on the bus to oblivion, because what happens after matters not one jot, irrespective of your belief. What matters is what you do here and now. To quote Bill and Ted…. “ Be excellent to each other!” that's all that matters.

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Member (Idle past 3743 days)
Posts: 649
From: Melbourne, Australia
Joined: 11-17-2004

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01-12-2005 9:02 AM
Reply to: Message 231 by riVeRraT
01-12-2005 8:34 AM

Re: Loving God
Thought the first commandment was some thing to do with “I am you lord god Jehovah, I am the one true god” ? or something like that?

So there are two first commandments? Interesting..

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