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Author Topic:   Who can be saved? A Christian perspective
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From: slovenija
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11-14-2011 9:47 AM
Reply to: Message 316 by Thugpreacha
11-14-2011 3:15 AM

Re: Wrestling with God
So what if I am stubborn? What if I cling to the notion that I deserve more than others? What if I simply refuse to humble myself as much as I should? And by the way, why should I do anything? Im praying every day, but usually for myself and not others. I have tried so hard to get Gods attention, and am angry that I am being ignored. What will become of me?

Thats why i think the Christian god dosent let Slovenians in to heaven, if he is smart he dosent let us in to hell either, we would just fuck his whole system up.

In heaven one day when there would be enough of us this conversation would take place, you want us to be humble while your on your high throne acting all mighty come down and get on your knees and see how you like it, from now on we want ..... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... and cheap cigarettes and alcohol or we will put someone in charge that can provide us with that.

In hell basically the same thing would happen but we would also probably eat the devil. After all after so much time in the lake of fire he should be well done.

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Christianity, One woman's lie about an affair that got seriously out of hand

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